Raising Your Game

Sprinkler 2Sustainability for golf is a win-win proposition. It’s not just a case of doing the right thing for the greater good, it’s also the key to valuable business benefits.

The operational and resource efficiencies that are part of a sustainable approach can bring significant savings in time and money. High quality surfaces in more unique natural settings improve overall golf experience. Prestigious international distinction helps connect with members, community and media.

The benefits of sustainability for golf businesses are beyond question, the hold-up has often been where and how to start. In part, because of misconceptions that sustainability must first require study, policy writing and a vast amount of planning. That needn’t be the case.

For many, it's also been hard to judge how they are currently performing. Whether they could be doing more and if so, what things would make the biggest difference. For existing golf courses of all types, OnCourse® is a practical web-based programme that can take the guesswork and hassle out of sustainability.

programme screenWidely endorsed, free, and available in nine languages, OnCourse® guides you step-by-step, asking the right questions about the key sustainability hotspots around your course, clubhouse, and maintenance facility. OnCourse® also helps you confidently and more easily tell the story of the good work you’re already doing and helps you improve now and over time.   

Rather than spending a lot of time in discussions, drafting detailed policies or creating a sustainability plan from scratch, your focus can be on the actions prioritized for golf, that bring immediate benefit. OnCourse® serves as both policy and plan – a statement of your commitment, and the path to accessing all the benefits sustainability can bring. The OnCourse® programme also becomes your qualification for GEO Certified®, golf’s ecolabel and a great platform for communications and publicity.

Bringing sustainability into greater focus is benefitting golf clubs in a number of important ways. Even simple changes made across the golf course, clubhouse and maintenance facility can help future proof a club and strengthen its business. Keeping sustainability in mind doesn’t demand a lot of attention; it’s just a smart way to do business and integrates easily into the day-to-day management and operations of golf clubs.

Evidence and feedback shows that OnCourse® is helping clubs make sustainability based decisions part of their business as usual.

Browse some of the 1,000 clubs in 40 countries already participating. Read some of the real results people are finding on the ground. Find out more about OnCourse® or GEO Certified® and get involved. Or get in touch!

For golf renovations or new developments, find out about the Legacy programme. For sustainability in golf tournaments, read about GreenDrive

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