Dr Sara Beavis

Dr Sara BeavisSenior Lecturer, Fenner School of Environment and Society, College of Medicine, Biology and Environment
Australian National University, Canberra, Australia, Adjunct Fellow of Research Institute of Environment and Livelihoods, Charles Darwin University, Darwin, Australia

Dr Sara Beavis is a Senior Lecturer at the Fenner School of Environment and Society at the Australian National University where she teaches core courses for the water science major at undergraduate and graduate levels, and undertakes research on water and sediment interactions and water resources management. She has published numerous papers on water and sediment geochemistry, and the impacts of natural and anthropogenic processes on water quality and water security.  Current research includes examining the impacts of climate variability on water security in the Pacific; wastewater management in coastal regions, the implications of climate variability and change on water and sediment quality in inland riverine environments, and the transport and fluxes of heavy metals associated with artisanal mining (in eastern Indonesia).  Sara has undertaken assessments of golf courses relating to (i) water quality and transport pathways where recycled water (treated sewage effluent) has been used for irrigation; (ii) natural hydrological and geomorphic processes, and the on-site/down-catchment impacts of sediment transport, localised flooding and over-saturation of soils; and,(iii)built structures (dams/water storages; pipelines; water diversions; in-channel gabions) and their impacts on water and sediment flow paths.  She also enjoys a game of golf when time permits.