Expert Groups

Advancing sustainability in golf takes the coordinated input of leading expertise from across the industry and beyond.  

Since 2006 GEO has been convening and facilitating meetings, workshops and considerable online consultation across the priority issues and activities pertinent to sustainability in golf. 

In 2010 GEO began the process of transforming best practices into more clearly defined and visibly recognized Voluntary Sustainability Standards for Golf (VSS), following the ISEAL Codes of Best Practice, the leading approach for credibility in sustainability standard setting and certification. 

The outcome after working collaboratively with dozens of organizations and hundreds of people around the world, is an advanced set of Voluntary Standards, making the golf industry the only sport in the world to have standards and a sustainability certification recognized by ISEAL.

Golf’s standard setting and certification work, facilitated and assured by GEO is now recognized as a full ISEAL member--making GEO and golf an undeniable leader in sustainability across sport, land management, business and society.  Two new Standards have been collaboratively developed in recent years. The Standard for Sustainable Golf Development and Renovation was completed in 2016, and the Standard for Sustainable Golf Tournaments in 2017.   

To evolve and extend the capacity and platform, ensuring effective collaboration and input into standard setting in the years ahead, expert working groups were formed for Golf Developments and Renovations, and Golf Tournaments.  A third group is being assembled to work on the revision of the Standard for Sustainable Golf Facility Operations during 2018.