Verifier Network

All applicants for the GEO Certified® ecolabel are verified by an accredited individual from a global network of independent professionals.

GEOSA support at Nacka Golf Club    in the field
GEOSA at work

This group of independent experts are all trained on GEO’s sustainability outlook, programmes, and requirements for certification. 

Each site-visit or remote verification is to assess a club’s application, taking into account the many variables that exist in golf; providing ideas for future improvement specific to each facility; and preparing a 3rd party report highlighting the sustainability actions undertaken at the golf club.  

Golf clubs can receive additional support from these individuals and many Golf Federation partners as they work to embrace sustainability. These individuals are also a useful resource for training events and conferences.  Browse the directory and find sustainable golf expertise in your area.

If you are interested in applying to become an accredited verifier please click here to submit an application.