World's first golf club to join UN Sports for Climate Action Initiative

Sentosa Golf Club


Written by: Matt Pynn

In 2020, Sentosa Golf Club joined a prestigious list of sports organisations from around the world in commitment to climate action. The UN’s Sports for Climate Action Initiative aims to support and guide sports organisations and their communities on a path to achieving the global climate goals set out by world leaders in the Paris Agreement.

Sentosa Golf Club pursued this commitment through a range of sustainable initiatives such as the creation of bee colonies, water saving via installation of self-irrigating reservoir lakes and single head sprinkler systems, EV charging stations, state-of-the-art food and horticultural waste digesters.

It also became the first club in Asia to introduce carbon products into its agronomy programme in the form of biochar. These are just a few initiatives from the Club, with many more planned, aiming to both preserve and protect the environment we live in, as well as to inspire other golf clubs around the world on valuable methods to prevent the threat of climate change. The Club has also pledged to become carbon neutral and is confident of achieving this goal in the very near future.

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