Working with partners to restore sandscapes and dunes

Prince's Golf Club


Written by: Rob McGuirk

The site on which the course is located is designated as a RAMSAR area. The golf course hosts numerous rare and protected species, including orchids which have been used as the logo for the club’s lodge. The club is continuing to work with a number of external stakeholders, including Natural England with the intention of bringing the course back to the original vision of a challenging links course with grass walkways, sandscrapes, dunes and large greens and approaches.

The site spans in the region of 130 hectares in total, of which approximately 35 hectares forms the managed area in play. The sward consists mainly of Festuca rubra, Agrostis tenuis, and Poa annua which provides a combination of quality and resilience, given the subsoil and prevailing climatic conditions. New buildings for storage, maintenance and waste processing have been built. The treated water from the maintenance area is used for the reservoir.

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