Woodland management benefits nature and turf

Fife Golf Trust


In 2016, Fife Golf Trust commissioned a woodland survey to be carried out at all of the 7 courses. Dunnikier Park Golf Course, in particular, is a beautiful parkland course that relies heavily on its trees for its design; this makes woodland management vitally important to safeguard it for future generations.

The recommendation from the report highlighted that many of the plantations had become overgrown due to a lack of management in the past and required thinning out - this has become an established and ongoing project for Fife Golf Trust. Everything needs to be managed, and like many golf courses, tree plantations were over-planted to create cover with the intention to thin out in time but this didn’t happen.

Thinning out the woodland gives trees enough space to fully develop into a healthy plantation which increases its lifespan and the quality of the woodland habitat. Improved woodlands also minimise shade to maintained turf areas reducing disease pressure, lowering turf inputs required, and improving playing surface quality.

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