Wildlife rescue and release on the course

Quinta do Lago - Laranjal Course


Written by: Sónia Afonso

Two animal species recently found themselves back in their natural habitat after undergoing a rescue and rehabilitation process lasting several weeks, all thanks to our partnership with Wildlife Rias—a center dedicated to the recovery and research of wild animals.

This event unfolded at the Laranjal golf course within Quinta do Lago. Four pond turtles were returned to their native environment, specifically one of the serene lakes, providing them with a familiar homecoming. Among these turtles, three had been wrongfully held in captivity, while the fourth suffered from an injury that necessitated the amputation of one of its legs.

In addition to these turtles, a white stork, previously found with a severe abdominal injury, was also given a second chance at freedom. The care provided by Rias played a pivotal role in the stork's recovery.

As part of Quinta do Lago's sustainability initiatives, we proudly collaborate with Rias to actively promote the growth of native wildlife and safeguard the natural beauty of our surroundings.

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