Wildlife & wilderness at the woodland walk

The Belfry


Written by: Elizabeth Hawthorn

The Woodland Walk at The Belfry is situated in the woods adjacent to the hotel. It is an interactive adventure perfect for anyone, from families with young children, to adults who just love being outdoors. Families can take a walk on the wild side with den building, wildlife spotting and exploring a bug hotel. Fitness obstacles are also in place for those that wish to challenge themselves, as well as the run route and playground in the 2km course.

This woodland is not only beneficial for the community and our guests, but it also creates habitats & microhabitats for the many different creatures that live in our grounds; from snakes, rabbits, moles & dormice to bats, various birds and countless insects. There are also many different tree and shrub species, to increase biodiversity and promote naturalisation. We feature signs to educate people, and games such as disc golf & den building to encourage outdoor play. The Woodland Walk is a place for all to enjoy!

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