Widespread recycling initiatives in club and community

Minthis Golf Club


Written by: Margarete Dunst

Minthis Golf Club introduced an onsite recycling programme to improve overall waste management and also provided recycling containers to the neighbouring community. The programme has been successfully implemented, and our staff collect and separates three packaging streams: PMD, Paper and Glass. In addition to the big recycling containers at the delivery area, we placed smaller ones in the staff canteen and at the caddie master’s office, where golfers can separate their waste. Moreover, we are collecting bottle caps separately for charity (wheelchairs for children). From July to December 2019, an estimated amount of 1000kg PMD, 1375kg Paper and 1200kg Glass has been collected and further managed by Green Dot Cyprus, the first Collective Compliance System for Packaging and Packaging Waste in Cyprus. We are furthermore collecting household and buggy batteries as well as oil and tyres which are being recycled in partnership with our suppliers.

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