West Sands dune Christmas tree restoration

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Written by: Ranald Strachan

In 2019, the sand dune restoration saw 3,000 donated Christmas trees, saved from landfill, go into our dune craters to improve height, structure and sand trapping. Volunteers placed the trees to shelter the bottom of a crater and to form a dune bund. Both areas were lightly covered with sand to start the process of building, harvested from low tide areas on the beach using greenkeeping staff.

We then replanted the bare areas with 2,000 Marram and Lyme plants harvested onsite, which was all done by volunteers from the local community. Covid years meant this had to cease. A great project minimising waste, utilising natural products and rebuilding with nature. All done to enhance the dune system to resist flooding and promote a robust, healthy dune habitat. A real local and nature-based solution to a global influence.

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