Welcoming new golfers throughout the year

Landeryd GK Bogestad


Written by: Marcus Nilsson

For about 25 years, Handigolf, in collaboration with the municipality of Linköping, has been held at Landeryds Golf Course. Each year, our professional, Peter Lindh, welcomes a group of 6-8 people who join golf practice on 5 occasions in the spring and 5 occasions in the fall.

Each session takes 1 hour and covers all the different steps of the game of golf, including playing golf at the pay-and-play course. During the winter and early spring season, a total of 60 students from the school's special needs classes 7th to 9th grade have been practising golf in the indoor facility in Tannefors.

There are two full days where people have been able to try golf for the first time at Landeryds Golf Course. We hope that this introduction will lead to an increased interest so they can become active golfers in the future. During 2018 and 2019 the programme developed further - we worked with a player who is 15 years old who needs individual practice sessions, due to difficulty being in groups.

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