Water savings and less course maintenance

Garda Hotel - San Vigilio Golf


Written by: Maria Lalia

Three years ago, the fairways and tees of the entire golf course were converted to Cynodon dactylon (Spear grass). This change aimed to reduce water consumption and phytosanitary treatments. Annual water consumption dropped from 285,000 cubic meters before the conversion to about 200,000 cubic meters afterward. The golf course now remains in magnificent condition even during the summer months.

Cynodon dactylon not only reduces water consumption but also allows for the use of wastewater intercepted in special basins for irrigation. Macrothermal species like this offer many advantages, particularly lower water losses through photo-transpiration, enabling the grass to withstand drought periods while maintaining excellent technical and aesthetic qualities.

The conversion has led to a 35-50% reduction in water consumption for irrigation and increased tolerance to high salinity concentrations in both water and soil. The results include greater environmental respect, reduced irrigation consumption, decreased use of chemical products, more sustainable maintenance, and a golf course in perfect condition even during high temperatures and droughts.

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