Utilizing treated sewage effluent for irrigation

Mickelson National Golf Club


Written by: Robin Sadler

We have commenced our second full season of irrigating the golf course with Treated Sewage Effluent (TSE) water. Repurposing wastewater from Harmony Town offers numerous environmental benefits to both our operation and our partnering community. By utilizing TSE, we actively contribute to sustainable water management practices, thereby reducing our environmental footprint. Additionally, TSE contains nutrients that can enhance turfgrass health, thereby reducing the need for fertilizer application.

In anticipation of a drought year with potential water restrictions in Alberta in 2024, our effluent water usage and programs present an excellent opportunity to play a role in responsible water usage while maintaining water security for our facility. This not only frees up resources for other essential users but also helps us cut costs and alleviate pressures on the course.

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