Using simple signage to communicate sustainability work

St Andrews Links


Written by: Ranald Strachan

An easy way to let golfers and members of the public know about initiatives is simple signage. Where it's appropriate and in keeping, an informative sign can really help folk understand what you have, what you are doing, and what you have planned. Sometimes the work is unsightly or unexpected so a little clue goes a long way.

Here we partnered with the RSPB to provide a wild bird food area specifically targeting Corn Bunting, a bird that has seen steep declines as agriculture becomes more intensified and farmyards generally clearer of spilt grain. Using a mix of agricultural and wild plants to attract and support a species just beginning to recover in Fife, Scotland.

A bit of good clear signage has really helped course users to understand as they pass by. It's good to work with partners and even better to let people know it's happening. Networks are formed by sharing information, and this is a simple way to do just that.

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