Use of locally quarried sand

West Sussex Golf Club


West Sussex Golf Club, located in Pulborough, UK, is situated partly on a seam of Greensand, which has long been utilized by the green staff for sourcing the distinct pale bunker sand that the club is renowned for. Recently, we have expanded the use of this resource to include top dressing of fairways and tees, with plans to cautiously extend its application to greens and surrounds.

To enhance efficiency and sustainability, the club has acquired a sand screener, enabling the removal of stones and debris from the Greensand. Over the past year, a total of 330 tons of screened sand have been utilised, with allocations as follows: bunkers (100 tons), fairways (190 tons), and tees (40 tons). This strategic approach has resulted in a significant reduction in our carbon footprint, saving the equivalent of 12 lorry loads that would have otherwise traveled from a quarry located 30 miles away.

To address soil contamination of bunker sand caused by heavy rainstorms, we have implemented a practice of reutilising contaminated sand for course buggy paths, further reducing the need for sand procurement from distant sources.

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