Turfgrass conversion cuts water use by 50% and fertilisers by 80%

Terre Blanche Golf


Written by: sarah monier

As part our commitment to protect biodiversity at Terre Blanche and also because of climate change that is affecting our region, we carried out an unprecedented process in France that consists of replacing the turfgrass of tees, semi-roughs and fairways on both our golf courses "Le Château" and "Le Riou" (an area of around 30 hectares) with Bermuda Grass Riviera. A new type of quackgrass that is ideally suited for golf courses in hot countries.

From next year, it will reduce our water consumption by at least 50%, reduce the use of phytosanitary products (already organic) by 80% and offer optimal golf ball lift enhancing the golfing experience on the two courses. This grass transition will be undertaken gradually, without any loss of playing quality, with the aim of providing a grass fully composed of Bermuda Grass Riviera by summer 2020.

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