Turf team's green initiative: embracing composting

Cabot Cliffs Cape Breton


Written by: Lee Strutt

This year, the turf team has embraced the practice of composting for the first time. The composting process is both straightforward and cost-effective, making it easily adaptable. The advantages of composting are numerous, with the most notable being the ability to efficiently process general course waste and repurpose it for landscaping projects across the site.

Our commitment to composting has yielded substantial benefits. Notably, it has eliminated the need for green waste removal from our premises, resulting in cost savings related to haulage while simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint. Our composting process is self-regulated, requiring the stacking of raw materials in a specific manner that eliminates the need for turning. Within 12 to 18 months, the material is fully prepared for processing, screening, and ultimately transforming into valuable, high-quality material.

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