Tree Planting with the help of local children

Montrose Golf Links


Written by: Les Rae

The children at Rompers Nursery School have been helping Montrose Golf Links to plant a number of trees that attract wildlife, having previously been involved with our native wildflower sowing programme. We successfully applied for and received a wildlife tree pack through the Woodland Trust's trees for communities programme. The pack contained 105 wildlife loving trees including Hawthorn, Rowan and Silver Birch as well as supporting canes and guards.

An area close to neighbouring properties was chosen to plant some of the trees. We asked the Nursery School that is adjacent to the golf course if they would like to get their pre-school children to help with the planting. The kids showed great enthusiasm and really enjoyed planting out their own trees. As they left they could be heard telling each other which tree they had planted. Hopefully this will help encourage the children to take an interest in the great outdoors, the wildlife around them, and their community golf courses.

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