The ecological value of cairns around the course

Golf Limpachtal


Written by: Gabriel Diederich

At this location, sandstones, including some from an old building, were repurposed to construct ecologically valuable small structures known as cairns. To provide light shade, a wild rose was planted on the northern side of the structure.

Cairns serve as hiding spots and sunbathing areas for reptiles, while also offering refuge to hedgehogs and ermines. For butterflies, they serve as sources of warmth, mating grounds, winter shelters, and nocturnal resting places. When covered with algae, lichens, or moss, cairns support a specialised fauna of small butterflies and snails. Apart from reduced transportation costs, cairns are easy to build and maintain.

By establishing this habitat for a multitude of species, we not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the course but also bolster its biodiversity. This is crucial for maintaining the overall health of the course and the surrounding ecosystem.

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