The Capillary Flow Bunker Liner helps save resources

Aphrodite Hills Golf


During the construction of the new PGA Academy Course's par 3, the Golf Maintenance team outfitted all eleven bunkers with the innovative Capillary Flow Bunker liner and Capillary Wash Box. The patented Capillary Material stands out as the sole construction material capable of efficiently guiding water in two fundamental ways—through capillary action and gravity—emulating the natural movement of water in soils and sand.

The Capillary Material combines macropores and micropores to swiftly facilitate water movement downward with gravity for effective drainage, and upward against the force of gravity through capillary force. The material's polymers establish microscopic connections within the binding agent of the Capillary Concrete, endowing it with the robustness of concrete while introducing additional qualities that contribute to drainage and sub-surface irrigation.

There are numerous advantages of the Capillary Liner such as enhancing the overall golfing experience. Notably, these benefits encompass increased playability, improved aesthetics, the ability to wash sand to eliminate organic matter and algae buildup, minimal disruption post heavy rain, reduced contamination, decreased man hours, and cost savings on replacement sand.

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