Swift box introduction helps sustainably manage turf

Celtic Manor Resort - The Twenty Ten Course


Written by: Gary Connell

Swift boxes have now been installed on the side of the old wooden barn at the 2010 maintenance area at The Celtic Manor Resort. We hope these boxes will be used when the swifts return in the summer. Typically, swifts arrive from Africa in late April or early May and depart in early August.

Swifts play a crucial role in pest control, nutrient cycling, and agricultural and horticultural services. They likely consume more small insects and spiders than any other British bird. We are optimistic that their presence will help reduce the number of crane flies, leading to fewer leatherjackets on nearby greens. This, in turn, will enhance the playability and quality of our green surfaces without the need for chemical interventions, ensuring a more sustainable approach to turfgrass management.

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