Sustainable golf tee initiative

Prince's Golf Club


Written by: Rob McGuirk

Prince’s Golf Club in Kent has opted to join the growing movement to reduce the amount of plastic waste in golf by signing up to offer Ocean Tee’s bamboo golf tees exclusively.

A unique eight-week crowd initiative – which aims to use the buying power of 25 clubs across the UK to make a cost-effective, sustainable statement – sees Prince’s switch to environmentally friendly tees. The move follows a pattern of other sustainable measures as the historic Sandwich Club looks to enhance its positive environmental impact.

Ocean Tee’s mission statement is to provide sustainably sourced bamboo golf tees to clubs and organisations while promoting sustainability and the fight against plastic pollution by donating 25% of corporate profits to charities targeting plastic pollution and to initiatives that promote the health of marine environments.

Bamboo, selected for its natural strength, flexibility and durability, grows at a far superior rate to hardwood used for traditional wooden tees and champions the drive to kick plastic out of clubs’ eco-system.

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