Sustainable forestry management to protect site

Woburn Golf Club


Written by: Gavin Sowden

As part of the long term woodland management plan, forestry works took place on the Duchess golf course throughout the winter of 2017. Felling of predominantly Scots pines was undertaken using a John Deere forestry harvester and removed off course in conjunction with the woods dept and Neve forestry.

This is an essential process to ensure the on-course trees continue to mature, regeneration can take place and a new understory of trees can thrive. Not only will this project guarantee the site sustains its beautiful characteristics, but these improvements will also provide many ecological benefits for the future.

Each course has a member of the greenkeeping team who, with John Clarke, work alongside The Tree & Woodland Company carrying out maintenance and projects which will maintain the wooded landscape surrounding the playing surfaces. These projects cover tasks such as clearing areas of Bracken or Gorse to allow the regeneration of Scots Pine, removal of dead/dying/misshapen trees that are competing with healthy trees and replanting of trees, gorse, and rhododendron to fill in cover between holes.

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