Sustainable energy investments: the journey of installing solar panels

Amsterdamse Golf Club


Written by: Koos Brandenburg

For years, the payback period for solar panels seemed too lengthy to justify as a responsible investment for our golf club. However, during our annual meeting with the board, members inquired about the club's efforts to enhance the sustainability of our energy supply.

While it was swiftly acknowledged that a small windmill wouldn't be suitable for a golf course, there was consensus that solar panels presented a viable option. The significant increase in energy costs following the Ukraine-Russia conflict in February 2022, coupled with government subsidies, made investing in solar energy more appealing. Consequently, in 2022, we installed 110 panels on a southeast-facing roof. Subsequently, in 2023, an additional 56 panels were added to the roof of the driving range canopy.

Despite a substantial rise in the use of electrically powered machinery, including a ball picker and mowing machine on the driving range, and the installation of facilities for charging electric cars in the parking lot (requiring an average of 26,000 kWh per year), the club's electricity consumption has remained relatively stable at around 175,000 kWh annually. This consistency in annual usage, despite increasing demand, has been achieved through initiatives such as replacing all lighting with LED technology.

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