Sustainability in Links House

Carnoustie Golf Links


Written by: Craig Boath

Our new facility, Links House was completed in 2018 and in doing so we made a commitment to make sustainable decisions in an effort to become a more sustainable organisation. Therefore, within our restaurant, The Rookery, we continue to make a positive effort to ensure that the majority of our suppliers are either local or from Scotland. Approximately 70% of the produce on our restaurant menu is Scottish and we make a conscious effort to buy seasonal ingredients with Scottish provenance.

More tangibly, last year, we moved away from using compostable straws to instead offering a paper straw alternative. Furthermore, within our restaurant, we only use glass bottles instead of single-use plastic (we do currently sell single-use plastic bottles to take-away customers for health and safety reasons, however, we are looking into an alternative product). We do however provide recycling stations where we encourage guests to recycle these single-use plastics. Within our kitchen, we have moved away from high use of gas hobs, with only one gas hob in favour of induction hobs in the kitchen.

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