Supporting charity with thousands of pounds of donations

Fairhaven Golf Club


Written by: Steve Jackson

Many golf clubs have a favoured charity and ours is Brian House, a section of "Trinity Hospice in the Fylde" devoted to children suffering from serious illness. Last year our Captain's Charity programme raised £4,000 for this great cause. In addition, this programme, the Social Committee, and our hard-working staff and some members organise a charity golf day.

Golfers, local businesses, members, invited guests including entertainers and professional sportsmen, donate their time and get together to host teams from the area to compete for prizes donated by the club and others. Last year we raised, through entrance fees, auctions, and general fines for any possible "misdemeanour" our member MC, Steve Kindon, can detect (or manufacture), a further £18,000. Hopefully, this helps the fantastically plucky young residents of Brian House to enjoy life a little bit more fully.

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