Supporting and raising awareness for the Episkopi Environmental Centre

Minthis Golf Club


Written by: Margarete Dunst

At Minthis, nature and protecting the surrounding environment is something that is very close to our heart and is rooted in the resort philosophy. The Episkopi Pafos Environmental Information Centre is just 5 minutes away from the resort and holds the same values as Minthis.

As part of our company’s CSR programme, we reaffirmed our environmental sensitivity and culture with our continued support, by contributing €12.000 to the Centre. Moreover, planned activities in collaboration with the Centre and Episkopi Community Council include informing and raising awareness of the centre’s work among staff members, the translation of printed and audiovisual information into German, working with travel agents to promote environmental tourism, the planting of thousands of local plants and trees and monitoring activities for migratory birds and seasonal flowers. Through the program, we are actively involved in achieving the UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals.

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