Roll-out of eco-friendly cosmetics by recycling translucent plastic bottles

Haesley Nine Bridges

Korea, Republic of

Written by: sangyoon ryu

Haesley has actively engaged in the "Save the Planet Alliance" resource-recycling project, which is part of our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) management efforts. We are proud to be the sole golf club in Korea to participate in this initiative, organised by the Ministry of Environment.

The "Save the Planet Alliance" campaign focuses on the responsible collection and recycling of transparent plastic bottles, particularly those discarded by renowned hotel resorts in South Korea. The objective is to establish a sustainable, virtuous cycle of resources. Our commitment began in April 2022, where we have proactively taken part in recycling. This involves transforming plastic water bottles used in both our operations and Haesley Hamlet into non-labeled plastic bottles and subsequently categorising them for proper disposal.

Our efforts are concentrated on identifying translucent plastic bottles with the highest recycling value, ensuring their proper disposal, and then repurposing them into cosmetic containers, which are later made available for sale. The entire proceeds from these recycling activities are directed towards a well-known charity. The funds generated from this endeavor are used in supporting vulnerable communities affected by climate change.

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