Toilettes révolutionnaires au trou n° 14

Golf Club De Sion


Written by: Sébastien Paratte

Local Language English

Soucieux du confort des joueurs de golf, l’équipe des greenkeepers du Golf Club de Sion a installé des toilettes au départ du trou n°14. Les toilettes, entièrement autonomes, fonctionnent sans eau ni électricité et ne nécessitent ni sciure ni produits chimiques. Le soleil et le vent suffisent. Le système choisi est cohérent avec les principes de développement durable qui caractérisent le Golf Club de Sion.

Without water, electricity, chemicals or additives, the toilets are powered solely by wind and sun. Concerned about the comfort of golfers, we had to equip the last 9 holes with a toilet, in addition to those on hole 5 and 9/18. We had a complex equation to solve: how to install a toilet without being able to connect it to a water supply and waste water? It was this revolutionary toilet that allowed us to achieve this feat.

It fully meets our expectations, and also participates in the circular economy: producing better, more sustainable, using fewer resources thanks to eco-design, waste management, sorting, reuse and incorporation of recycled materials. And it was our team of greenkeepers at the Sion Golf Club who installed these toilets at the start of hole 14.

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