Results of green power project

Golfclub Cromstrijen


Written by: Carlo Schuengel

Back in 2018, Golfclub Cromstrijen decided to invest in green power, by installing a solar power plant. Our objective was to save considerably on fossil energy coming from the power grid, for our clubhouse and driving range. We calculated that the position and surface of the rooftops on our office and clubhouse buildings were perfect for installing 181 Solar Panels. This solar system could supply nearly 1/3 of our average annual energy requirement of 170.000kWh. After commissioning the system in 2018, we can look back now and observe how the solar system has been performing since then. Hereunder an overview of the results until the of 2020: Solar energy generated: 2018 - 41.862 kWh*) (not the full year); Solar energy generated: 2019 - 53.802 kWh*); Solar energy generated: 2020 - 55.155 kWh*); Solar energy share 2019: 31,2% of our demand; Solar energy share 2020: 34,0% of our demand; Our goal, producing 1/3 Green energy has been achieved!

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