Restoration of the Merantais Gate

Le Golf National


Written by: Arthur Lecomte

This gate was built in 1684, during the reign of Louis XIV, to mark the hunting perimeter of the Versailles. This monument has a cultural value that we will pass on to future generations. In the heart of our golf course between two fairways, this gate is a part of the fence that delimited Versailles. This fence, materialized by a 43km wall and punctuated with these kinds of houses called “gates”, was adapted around ancient paths. This gate is the only one left in Saint Quentin en Yvelines and despite many transformations, it shows us how the guardhouse was formerly.

This construction is comprised of local millstones, composed of an underground cellar, a ground floor, the main floor and a slate hip roof. The total acreage is approximately 40m². Recovery of this gate consisted of the following works: Demolition of the lean-to roof; drainage; masonry consolidation; renovating facades; coated rehabilitation; frame consolidation and resumption of slate coating.

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