Reduction of tee complexes cuts costs and boosts wildlife

Al Mouj Golf


Written by: Steve Johnson

Al Mouj Golf Club averages 16,000 rounds of golf per annum.

A full audit of the tee surfaces was completed in early 2020 and it was decided that the surface area of these could be reduced, whilst still able to accommodate an increase in players.

It also reduced resources, expenses and increased native habitat for birds and insects. Tees were reduced by as much as 30% and on average 23% of all tees were left to go natural.

The reduction in teeing area meant we were able to uniform the majority of tees to six triplex widths when mowing, which increased efficiency as well as making it easier for the operators to align the tee markers with the landing zones.

These reduced areas were simply left to grow naturally and they do not receive any direct fertilizer or pesticides. The introduction of Aloe Vera within these areas has also increased wildlife and pollinators.

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