Reduction of single use items save over 600kg of CO2e

Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club


Written by: Claire Silva

Over the last few months, we have been working towards reducing single-use items in our Clubhouse. We have removed plastic cups from our water dispensers, first ensuring the dispensers are compatible with water bottles for our members to fill up before they head off on their round. We have swapped plastic water bottles for resealable cans of water and single sauce sachets have been replaced with reusable china dishes in our bars and restaurants.

Our latest project has been to reduce the number of takeaway cups used on site. Many of our staff have very mobile jobs and rely on grabbing a drink on the go which results in a lot of takeaway cups over the course of a year. This seemed like a good opportunity to engage staff in our sustainability message so the club has just purchased and gifted every member of staff a reusable keep cup.

Based on all our staff at Royal Mid-Surrey making the swap, that's 16500 single cups and 607.93kg of carbon dioxide (CO2e) saved in a year. It was important for us to procure our cups in a sustainable way so we chose a company that could provide good sustainable credentials, supporting charities such as RSPB and advocating for circular economy.

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