Red Fescue requires less inputs that other species

Landeryd Vesterby


Written by: Marcus Nilsson

At Vesterby, we only use Red Fescue on all surfaces, which is a fantastic grass species. Red Fescue requires less nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium than other grass species used on a golf course. Our greens, a total area of 1.2 ha, get 33 kg of nitrogen per year. This means that we do not have to manage the grass as often as other grasses, which results in lesser emissions from machines.

Another advantage of Red Fescue is that the grass can withstand drought very well. As a result, we rarely water and save on our irrigation of greens. This is also a very good strategy for countering the immigration of Poa Annua. Since it does not have to be watered, fertilized and managed as intensely, we are rarely affected by various fungal infections.

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