Aramco Team Series recycling all plastic waste into tournament wear

Aramco Team Series - London


The Ladies European Tour’s new Aramco Team Series recycled plastic waste accrued at the events and transformed it into sustainable clothing for its on-site teams.

Sustainable fashion company REBORN gathers used plastics – from plastic bags to golf tees, and everything in-between – and use their own shredding device to whittle the waste material down into small black pellets. With these pellets, they then manufacture almost any type of garment: from t-shirts and polo shirts to jackets, trousers and hats.

In working with the Aramco Team Series, the REBORN team – led by founder Zak Johnson – know before each event what plastics are expected to be used in what amounts, from on-course water bottles to supplier packaging. With that, they then plan for the next event on the series, calculating exactly how many different clothing items they will be able to produce.

The Aramco Team Series – Sotogrande followed the London leg with the tournaments ground support staff and amateurs playing in the event decked out in no less than 1,200 polo shirts all made using plastic waste gathered in London just four weeks earlier – 19,200 bottles (307kgs) of plastic, to be precise!

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