Re-using cardboard by donating it to local animal rescue clinic

Minthis Golf Club


Minthis Golf Club encourages and supports volunteering for good causes, with both members and staff being very active in helping local charity organizations. While significant amounts of money are being donated for an array of projects every year, simple non-monetary ways of helping shouldn’t be overlooked.

The local animal rescue center annually issues a cold weather appeal, asking for help to keep hundreds of animals warm and dry by donating any quantities of bedding, towels, electric blankets, hot water bottles and cardboard. Since the Golf Club successfully introduced its recycling program in 2019, about fourteen tons of cardboard have been collected for recycling to date. It was therefore only natural to respond to the charity organizations’ appeal by supplying cardboard, and Golf Club staff started to deliver the much-needed material every week to the shelter, app. two containers per month. This way it will firstly be reused and secondly make a small difference to the daily operation of the rescue clinic.

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