Rainwater collection and sprinkler adjustments cuts water use

Minthis Golf Club


Written by: Chris Furneaux

A significant project of the course renovation in 2007 was the complete renewal of the irrigation system, pump station, drainage and water harvesting methods. A reservoir with high-density linings was built at the lowest point of the course to collect rainwater which is being pumped to a new irrigation lake, allowing us to use its water during the drought-prone summer periods.

Numerous open, concrete storm drains were added as features to harvest as much rainfall as possible into the new reservoir. Rainwater is also being collected from the clubhouse roof, from where it is further chanelled to the reservoir. The irrigation system is checked every three weeks. Each individual sprinkler on the course has now been adjusted and re-calibrated in order to prevent wasting water on native areas whilst improving coverage on the desirable grasses. These changes are vital to save water as not all parts of the undulating course requires the same amount of water.

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