Pyle and Kenfig's beekeeping and honey production

Pyle and Kenfig Golf Club


Written by: Simon Hopkin

Pyle and Kenfig, in collaboration with local beekeeper Huw Evans and Raw Welsh Honey, have joined forces to establish beehives on our course, with the aim of producing and offering honey to our members and visitors.

Bees play a pivotal role in upholding ecological equilibrium and enhancing biodiversity. Their invaluable service of pollination is essential in sustaining food production, safeguarding ecosystems, preserving animal and plant species, and fostering genetic and biotic diversity. Furthermore, bees serve as vital indicators of environmental health through their sensitivity to climate, disease and toxin exposures, which can subsequently help us understand our habitats better.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our honey production initiative, we are excited to announce our plans to expand the number of hives on the course in 2024, further enhancing our honey production efforts.

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