Protecting unique 100-year-old trees

The Singapore Island Country Club - The Bukit Course


Written by: Saiming Cheang

The Bukit Course borders the sprawling MacRitchie Reservoir, boasting more than 3,000 fully-grown trees of at least ten varieties. These trees are protected and a proud feature of the golf course.

On 2 August 1991, South Central and Eastern parts of Singapore had two green spaces gazetted as Tree Conservation Areas (TCAs). Gazetting is aimed to control mature trees' indiscriminate felling and shortlist conservation-worthy green spaces amongst the large extent of greenery and natural heritage. Syzygium grande/Sea Apple/Jambu Laut at Bukit Hole 8, one of the largest of its kind in Singapore, can be found in the Nature Reserve and The Singapore Island Country Club, aging more than 100 years old.

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