Protecting one of New Zealand's rarest birds

Tara Iti

New Zealand

Written by: Will Bowden

Tara Iti - the name of our club - is also the traditional maori name for the New Zealand Fary Tern. As part of development consent The Te Arai and Mangawhai Shorebirds Trust was established by the owners of Tara Iti. The trust is incorporated under the Charities Act 2005 with three foundation trustees. While the trust primarily concentrates on the Mangawhai Wildlife Refuge and the coast of Te Arai Beach, there is provision for the trust to widen its area of work.

The objectives of the trust are to:

  1. Provide resources as needed for preservation and conservation of Fairy Terns and other at-risk shorebirds
  2. Actively promote growth in the number of Fairy Terns and at-risk shorebirds
  3. Encourage the enhancement, sustainable management and conservation of the physical natural environment
  4. Raise public awareness of conservation value and encourage local community involvement
  5. Work collaboratively with organisations which will further the Trust's objectives.

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