Powering sustainability: the solar revolution

Loimijoki Golf


Our golf course has been powered by certified wind electricity for years. However, with the recent increase in electricity prices, we became even more interested in developing self-sufficient electricity production. After exploring various options, we decided to install solar panels to harness solar energy. Given that the golf course's electricity consumption peaks in the summer, when solar energy intake is at its highest, this solution was ideal.

The solar panels were installed on the roof of the maintenance hall at an angle of approximately 15° and oriented to the south-southwest. The system produces 42 kW of electricity with a 35 kW inverter. Installation took place in September 2022, so data for usage is only available for the 2023 golf season.

In the first year of operation, the solar panels yielded 36,000 kWh of electricity, of which 13,000 kWh was used for the golf course. Approximately 5 kWh were utilized by our cooperative company, and the remaining 13,000 kWh were sold.

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