Pioneering sustainability and community engagement with practical initiatives

Midland Country Club

United States

Written by: Kevin Schroeder

Midland Country Club is dedicated to sustainability and community engagement, implementing practical initiatives to make a meaningful difference. By installing hydro stations on the golf course and providing each membership with a reusable water bottle, the club promotes eco-friendly practices while ensuring members stay hydrated during their rounds. Moreover, the transition from single-use Styrofoam cups to reusable alternatives at the aquatic center reflects the club's commitment to reducing waste.

With over 20,000 annual visits, this switch has significantly decreased the club's environmental footprint while maintaining convenience for visitors. In addition, Midland Country Club supports its staff in giving back to the community by offering additional paid time off for volunteering. This initiative not only fosters a culture of service but also strengthens the club's ties with local charitable organizations.

Through these initiatives, Midland Country Club demonstrates its dedication to sustainability and community involvement, embodying responsible practices that benefit both members and the broader community.

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