Organic and fair trade coffee from Ethiquable

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Written by: Antoine Hardy

In our journey towards more sustainability, we now serves organic and fair trade coffee from ETHIQUABLE to customers. Ethiquable is a cooperative company in which the employees hold the capital. This company defines itself as being close to all citizens, as well as being committed and supportive.

Since 2003, Ethiquable has pursued a demanding fair trade policy (decent prices, direct and sustainable relationships, support at the local level) which is based exclusively on small-scale farming. It has direct links with 70 partners and small farmer cooperatives in the South countries. Each of their product comes from a specific terroir and an organisation with which it has identified a development and empowerment project. Seven agronomists provide the farmers with support at the local level to implement these fair trade projects.

The chosen coffee is a blend from Sumatra-Congo and Guatemala. The terroirs of 3 continents combine to give a full-bodied coffee that will appeal to espresso lovers. The chocolate and spicy notes of Sumatra blend with the strength and exceptional aromas of Congo and Guatemala to give a full-bodied coffee with moderate acidity.

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