Optimising efficiency through a water management audit

Arabian Ranches Golf Club

United Arab Emirates

Written by: Jordan Fairweather

As a crucial step in our long-term water management plan, we initiated an assessment to gauge the efficiency of our irrigation system. A local irrigation supplier was invited to conduct an audit, employing a catch can test on greens and fairways. This comprehensive assessment encompassed the examination of nozzles, pressure, spacing, and flow.

The resulting report indicated that the distribution uniformity (DU) average stands at 57.44%. To enhance efficiency and achieve a target DU of 80%, we are considering a complete overhaul of the sprinkler system, introducing new spacing. If successful, this upgrade has the potential to save approximately 442,223 cubic meters of water annually. A detailed report, including a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis, will be submitted to ownership for consideration.

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