Ongoing commitment to sustainable woodland management

The Scandinavian Golf Club


With around 80 hectares of our property consisting of beautiful mixed woodland, The Scandinavian takes very seriously our commitment to sustainable, responsible forest stewardship.

Since 2020, we have collaborated with a consulting partner to enhance the structural biodiversity of our forested areas. This involves converting biodiverse zones into unmanaged forests, thinning and clearing less vital areas, and removing sick or dead trees.

This not only facilitates the robust and healthy growth of remaining trees but also diminishes public hazards by identifying and removing sick or dead trees, expanding available amenity areas. These actions, part of an ongoing, multi-stage project, align with practices in PEFC-certified forests. They aim to create habitats for numerous species, including those on the IUCN Red List, underscoring our enduring dedication to sustainable management of our substantial woodland resources.

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