Innovative water features enhance biodiversity on the eighth fairway

Golfpark Otelfingen


Instead of a conventional, purely golf-related water feature, various measures to promote biodiversity were planned and implemented.

The more diverse the structure of still waters and their banks, the greater the diversity of species. Different depths, sizes, soil substrates, shorelines, and maintenance methods allow for a wide range of compositions and stages of development in riparian and aquatic vegetation.

Consequently, different habitat types attract different animal species. Some species thrive in old, large, and deep bodies of water, while others depend on shallow, sometimes temporary, water-bearing habitats. For example, yellow-bellied toads and natterjack toads are pioneer species that require temporary bodies of water.

To support these species, two shallow water zones with different substrates have been created on the eighth fairway. These zones are designed to dry out periodically, depending on the water level, which is explicitly intended to mimic natural conditions

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