New water system saves 10-15%

Centro Nacional De Formação De Golfe Do Jamor


Written by: Alexandra Almeida

In 2020, the Centro Nacional de Formação de Golfe (National Golf Training Centre) upgraded the central control system, a Toro SitePro®, in order to improve its efficiency and usability. This latest software offers many additional features such as Pump Profiling which can be used to limit the power consumption during peak periods. This control system monitors the amount of water running at any given moment and can turn on sprinklers to keep the pump station running at its maximum efficiency. With the newly upgraded system, the greenkeeper has all the information he needs to better manage the water and resources. This upgrade has allowed us to be more efficient and plan irrigation according to climatic conditions, as well as promoting reductions in water consumption estimated in the order of 10 to 15%. We can say that we are watering according to the ideal conditions, promoting the efficient use of this vital resource, while improving playability conditions.

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