New study of natural habitats and birds

Minthis Golf Club


The Club commissioned a local expert with a new study of natural habitats and birds. Natural habitats within the boundaries of the course are left undisturbed and are integrated with the surrounding natural habitats.

Large indigenous trees and the monastery's orchards contribute to the integration of the course with the natural environment by offering shelter and food to birds. Dry stones have been used to normalize slopes and to build the rainwater collection canal, providing nesting sites for birds and a refuge for reptiles. Uncultivated areas on the course host many herbaceous plants from the area’s wild flora and attract birds for feeding. The lake is being frequently visited by birds, mammals and reptiles for feeding, drinking and bathing.

Out of the 120 reported bird species in the Minthis area, 75 have been recorded on the course. Many of the recorded 400 plant species at Minthis can be found around the course, including 14 endemic plants and 22 species of orchids which represent 45% of all the orchids of Cyprus. Our environmental management program and turfgrass management ensure that the course remains a unique golfing environment and valuable natural landscape.

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