New sprinklers, irrigation lake and policies have led to 44% recycled water

Le Golf National


Written by: Arthur Lecomte

Our new irrigation system doesn't water out-of-play areas (16ha = a 20% reduction in irrigation). Furthermore, a new water reservoir with 11,800 m3 capacity was constructed during 2016, recycling water from the course into an irrigation lake. Efficiency has been achieved thanks to individual sprinkler control, hand-watering valves where needed, double control in greens (in & out). New sprinklers have also allowed an improvement of 26%.

This leads to water savings of 50,000 m3/year, thanks to a uniform application with less wet & dry spots. Organic surfactants are used to improve soil moisture retention. Draining trenches have been excavated on 150km & 60% of water falling on the course is sent to the irrigation lake. Average annual irrigation water consumption is 220,000 m3/year, from which 56% is groundwater and 44% is recycled through the reservoirs and drainage system.

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